Don Du Ciel Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

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    • Feature:50ML/90min
    • Frequency:103KHZ~123KHZ
    • NW:250g
    • Oscillator:Steel(304)
    • Use of time:After 144 hours use (the seventh day) after the micro-surgery or night.
    • Voltage:5V
    • Weight:380g

    Key Features

    Don Du Ciel Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

    One-button operation use by USB, Tabletop and Portable wholesale aromatherapy essential oil diffuser


    The natural herb essential oil releases negative ions of fragrance via an electronic aromatherapy diffuser to help you purify your soul, initiate the relaxation from the deep side of your brain, keep your energy, slow down aging, and loosen up tense muscles. It gives you a better and more comfortable living space.


    Instructions for Uses: After pouring water inside the diffuser, add 5-6 drops of essential oil to evaporate the fragrant mist for the entire room.



    A. Adopt medical grade stainless steel spray wafers. It can use long-term, not easy to damage.       
    B. USB can be used, power saving
    C. Small size, easy to carry, does not occupy space
    D. ceramics manufacture, easy to clean

    E. 100% Made in Taiwan (ISO9001 qualified factory)
    F. without heating, can be set  timed in seconds. 
    G. oxygen-ion up to 1.2 million / sec (may improve air quality)

    1. Easy to use: one-button operation, The machine is set only one button.(switch)
    2.water protection: The machine is in use, will automatically shut down when the water tank is completely dry.

    3.Ultrasonic wave frequency: 103KHz ~ 123KHz

    4.continuous operating time: 50cc for about 90 minutes
    5.applicable floor space: 3 to 6 Ping

    Parts List: Specifications, Operating instructions, Warranty, Warranty stam





    Oscillator: Steel(304)

    Frequency: 103KHZ~123KHZ

    Water consumption: 50ML/90min

    Place of production: Taiwan R.O.C


    Operating instructions Step1: Add water into Water cylinder till it meets 50% of cylinder.

    Operating instructions Step2: Wet the Filter cotton firstly.

    Operating instructions Step3: Place Water cap on Water cylinder.
    Operating instructions Step4: Put the Filter cotton into Water cylinder via Water cap.
    Operating instructions Step5: Separate Atomization outlet and Operation control.
    Operating instructions Step6: Put Atomization outlet into Water cap.
    Operating instructions Step7: Link micro USB to Operation control.
    Operating instructions Step8: Link Operation control to Power adaptor to turn on.

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Minimum Order:100 Piece(s)


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